Sebastian Caldas

sn.suodc.tuamocce@ unscramble

I’m a Ph.D. student in Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University. I’m broadly interested in building collaborative intelligent systems that are useful in the real world. Currently, I’m focused on federated scenarios, particularly healthcare domains. I’m a member of the AutonLab, advised by Prof. Artur Dubrawski.

selected publications

  1. MLHC
    Understanding Clinical Collaborations Through Federated Classifier Selection
    Sebastian Caldas, Joo Heung Yoon, Michael R Pinsky, Gilles Clermont, and Artur Dubrawski
    In Machine Learning for Healthcare Conference 2021
  2. FL-NeurIPS
    LEAF: A benchmark for federated settings
    Sebastian Caldas, Sai Meher Karthik Duddu, Peter Wu, Tian Li, Jakub Konečnỳ, H Brendan McMahan, Virginia Smith, and Ameet Talwalkar
    Workshop on Federated Learning for Data Privacy and Confidentiality, FL-NeurIPS 2019